Pallets are in use since ages for various purposes. They have seen a number of changes with the passing of time. The changes are in not only the materials but also sizes and styles. As they are apt for storage purposes these can be used for packaging and transportation. You have multiple businesses opting for these, as they tend to open up space in a warehouse. There are multiple ways you can use these pallets. First, let us look at the different materials the pallets are available in.

  1. Wooden pallets, which are the most popular and are used for different purposes.
  2. Plastic pallets
  3. Metal pallets
  4. Cardboard pallets

Wooden Pallets

Pallets can work out as a cost-effective item if these are recycled, which is possible with most materials available.

Second-hand Pallets and Benefits:

Most pallets are reused, due to which it is advisable to opt for second-hand pallets. This can help you in saving some money.

Wooden Pallets:

  1. The manufacturing cost of wooden pallets is less as compared to any other type of pallets. It is due to this that these tend to be reasonably priced. You can save more money when you opt for the second-hand ones.
  2. Most of us are looking to contribute to the environment in one way or another. One sure way of doing so is to opt for the second-hand wooden pallets. As we all know, that this material is 100% renewable material.
  3. These pallets are made in a specific manner without fasteners ensuring there is no damage done to the goods, which are stored or transported in these.
  4. With the chemical and heat treatment on these pallets, the factors of bacteria and moisture are eliminated.
  5. With wooden pallets, it is easy to change the size and specifications whenever required.
  6. Using pallets, which are second-hand means, there is less of manual handling, leading to fewer risks of goods being damaged.
  7. It is easy to repair and reconstruct Wooden pallets.
  8. As compared to plastic and other materials used for pallets, wood is one material, which has a high friction.

Second Hand Pallets

Plastic Pallets:

With its own set of advantages, second-hand plastic pallets can be opted for.

  1. There are no regulations restricting the movement of these pallets.
  2. These pallets are resistant to chemicals.
  3. Plastic pallets can last for a long span of time, to around a decade or more.
  4. Cleaning and maintenance of plastic pallets are easy.
  5. Can be used in any climate.
  6. Easily managed, as these pallets are lighter in weight.

Suppliers of Second-hand Pallets:

Second-hand pallets can be bought from the manufacturers of pallets. There are many who stock these. Before you opt for one, ensure the quality, that is, look for any damage on the pallet. It is advisable to opt for a supplier, who offers some sort of warranty on the pallets, be it plastic or even the wooden ones.

An online search for these can make it easier. You have the freedom to compare the different prices and go through the reviews and ratings of the specific supplier before you buy a pallet from one.

Another option is asking around from friends and family who have purchased second-hand pallets. Ensure you have detailed information on the supplier before choosing one. If not satisfied with the size of the wooden pallets you can ask for the required changes.

Ensure that the pallets opted for can provide the required ventilation to the goods, either for storing or even transporting. Lifespan, costs, hygiene, impact on the environment are some of the factors to consider before opting for a second-hand pallet.