Photographs have always remained a graceful way to cherish the old memories. This is the reason you capture the most important and beautiful moments of life by your camera and you shall stock these photographs in your computer or your family album. But one thing that many people do is to select some of the most special pictures to make it a part of the house interior. Earlier people used to frame their photographs with wooden frames and they used to enlarge their photos to decorate their wall with some memory. But now people use the glass printing technology for their home decoration because glass can enhance the overall look of your house, it reflects the lights inside your rooms and glass is cost effective than wooden frames.


Glass Printing

What Are the Benefits of Glass Printing Technology?

Today a number of people choose for this technique of glass printing for a number of reasons. Some of the benefits of choosing this technique are:

  • The frameless look makes the photographic printing offers an acrylic finish and also a natural shine.
  • Not just beautiful to look at, but also the frame is durable and the shine last for a long time.
  • Various designers offer flawless art and a creative print design while printing your photograph on the glass. You can decorate the glass base with some self-designer arts and you can also do the glass printing on the same with some unique glass shapes.
  • High-end technologies are now used to provide a much pleasing effect to the designs. It will take less time and you can easily print on the glass within few hours only. The technicians will apply some lamination after pasting your photographs on the glass base, so there will be no chance for damage your photo anymore.

Various Options in Printing Available with Glass Printing Technology:

When glass printing was first introduced, only a single photograph was being printed on the glass. But now there are different patterns and styles that you can get to have your photograph printed on glass.

If you visit a designer, you can come across a number of options from which you can choose the one that you think suits your requirement the best.

  • Single Photo Prints: The first type of glass printing is the single prints of photographs on glass.  These are simple forms, but you can choose a particular size and shape in this also. Some of the forms that you can select from are square, rectangle and panoramic.
  • Split Photo Prints on Glass: The second option that you can have is about getting split photo prints on the glass. This can be done on acrylic glass, where the image can be split into different sections and then can be attached together to provide it a distant design and styling. This is one of the best glass printing options for wall hangings.
  • Themed Photos: If you wish to print more than one single picture on the glass, then this can be also done with a style statement. Many different photos can be gathered together to create a theme story of something such as weddings.
  • Collages on Glass: Now collages are not new but this become a trend for people to get a wallpaper or a profile picture on the social network made out of collages of images. The same concept can also be used in case glass printing. To provide trendy or a new look, various pictures from different themes can be selected to create a collage.

Glass printing is in trend today because of a number of reasons such as its good looks and also its durability factor. Also, you can opt glass printing from a wide range of designs and patterns to match your interiors.