Goodyear was established in the year 1898 and is one of the biggest and well-known brands in the world. It distributes Tyres across 22 countries and is one of the companies that prides itself in providing state-of-the-art infrastructure to all its employees. Some of the unique characteristics of Goodyear are:

  • SilentArmor Technology – It improves the overall performance and reduces the overall noise produced.
  • Fuel-saving tread – It helps the user in saving money.
  • SportGrip Tech – Provides a highly responsive grip and improves the overall handling.

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Goodyear Tyres based on the different pattern details. Some of the types are:

#1. The Cargo Marathon: This type of Goodyear Tyres holds an edge because of the different benefits it offers in the context of high safety standards and also contains some unique features that emphasize on safety, comfort, and noise. The other benefits of Cargo Marathon are:

  • It significantly improves the efficiency of fuel and the silica tread compound used in this tyre also enhances the grip of the tyre as well.
  • This type contains a 4-rib pattern, which ensures that the tyre can resist wear and improves the efficiency of handling.
  • The Cargo Marathon is also strongly recommended as original equipment by many manufacturers of light trucks.

#2. The Cargo G26: This type of Goodyear Tyres was developed for the latest generation of vans and trucks. One more unique thing about this tyre is that it is already setting new standards for quality in the market. It contains a dual radius tread contour that helps in maintaining an optimum level of footprint pressure. This is essential for efficiency in handling and reduction in wear. Here are some other benefits of Goodyear are:

  • It contains a silica tread compound that improves the fuel efficiency and grip of the Goodyear Tyres.
  • The much light truck manufacturer endorsed ‘The Cargo G26’ as original equipment.

#3. Duratrac: It ensures that the users do not feel out of place when they move from one type to this type. The other benefits are:

  • It uses a technology called tractive groove and offers improved traction in sand and mud.
  • Along with reducing road noise, this type provides high angled tread block that improves the traction and stability on the lateral sides.
  • It contains a self-cleaning shoulder block that actively helps in providing improved traction on mud, gravel, and dirt.

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#4. Cargo Vector: Along with its dynamic wear characteristics, you can use this type of tyre for all kinds of seasons. Cargo Vector delivers clean results in every season and assures a comfortable and smooth ride for all users. Some of the other benefits of Cargo Vector are-

  • Its asymmetric tread design ensures that you have the efficient traction and can handle it at all the seasons.The center block is flexible in such a way that it ensures traction during the winter and rainy seasons.
  • It contains 3D waffle blades that provide improved grip and excellent stability during all seasons.

Goodyear designed Tyres in collaboration with the leading manufacturers of cars. It delivers excellent handling and high comfort levels. The other benefits of this type include:

  • It contains a 3 zone technology that integrates control, comfort, and security in 3 different zones located on the tread.
  • It contains silica tread compound that improves grip and efficiency of fuel consumption.
  • It also includes asymmetric tread design, which provides the best response to steering control and reduces the overall level of noise generated.

Hope you get all the necessary details about Goodyear tyres! If you still want to know more then let’s go to the details and get more information.