There are many ways to decorate a place and make it more beautiful, and decorating your wall is one among them. Wall cladding is a trending technique to provide extra beauty and durability to interior and exterior of a place. Both residential and commercial buildings use this approach for wall decoration. It not just decorates walls, but it also makes them strong and long-lasting.

What is stone wall cladding?

Stone CladdingStone Cladding

A good example of modern engineering; stone wall cladding is a useful and cost-effective way to provide rustic and traditional look to a wall. It’s not just a durable solution, but it also removes the expensive need of stone blocks which are high-maintenance at the same time.

Another advantage of stone wall cladding solution is that it could be used internally as well as externally. As an exterior solution, it provides an eye-appealing look to a house or building’s wall. In addition, it stays beautiful for many years while tolerating all kinds of weather conditions. On the other hand, various types of stone wall cladding can be bought to match the inside of a house.

Stone wall cladding is not only a cost-effective and beautiful wall solution, but is also available in various types, colors, sizes and patterns.

Types of Stone Cladding

Interior stone wall cladding: Decorating inside of a place with wallpapers and paint is passe. Internal wall cladding is a flexible option which comes in a wide range of choices. One could also choose material type among choices like ceramic, wood, stone and porcelain. Stone wall cladding is the most effective, inexpensive and durable inside solution. It also comes with low-maintenance feature that makes it the perfect interior solution for a home.

In this category, one could also choose from the different sizes, patterns, and colors. Although, stone wall cladding is more expensive than other wall cladding types, it is more durable and long lasting than others. In addition, it comes with a range of types, including limestone, Artesia stone, mountain ledge, natural stone, country rubble, stack stone, coursed stone, and ledge stone.

Exterior stone wall cladding: Just like interior, the stone wall cladding option is also available for the exterior of your house. As exterior has to bear harsh weather conditions, it is necessary to choose something for it that could stay beautiful for a very long time while tolerating favorable and unfavorable weather. Just like the interiors, exterior wall cladding types are also available in many types, sizes and colors. Here, one must choose more durable stones to provide extra toughness to the outside of a house.

How to install wall cladding?

Garden PebblesGarden Pebbles

Although stone wall cladding is one of the most effective, durable and cost-effective wall solutions, it is necessary to install the stones in an accurate way to get the most of it. Unlike other types of wall cladding, installation of stone wall cladding is time-consuming and difficult. In addition, the weight of stones also make it little difficult for installers to handle them. Plus, there are several other things to remember while installing them, including cladding stones free from dust and no dirt.

All these things hint that the installation of stone wall cladding should be handled by expert installers who have been working in the field from a long time. They do not only do the job carefully, but also add ‘wow’ factor to the wall. But before starting the process of installation, one should ensure that the color and type that they have chosen for their place is matching it and enhancing it appeal. Keeping these things in mind will lead to favorable results.