Having a motor vehicle means dealing with the maintenance and repairs that come with it. Regular servicing must be done in order to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition, not only for keeping your vehicle in its true form but also for your own safety. One of the aspects of maintenance of your vehicle is the repair of its tyres.

Knowing About Tyre Repair Services

Tyre ServicesTyre Services

Puncture Repair Service

As the name suggests, this type of tyre repair deals with minor punctures endured in the tread crown area of the tyre. The area of the tyre which is punctured is cleaned and buffed, and the injured cavity of the tyre is filled with cement material specifically made for tyre punctures. This type of repair is relatively easy and can be performed by any skilled mechanic.

Spot Repair Service

This type of repair is only done on the outside surface of the tyres if only the damages endured by the tyre do not extend to more than 25% of the tyre. No reinforcement patches are required for this type of tyre injury and they are also relatively easy to repair.

Section Repair Service

This type of tyre repair service extends to damages of more than 25% of the tyre area, extending to the area beyond the tread, shoulder and crown of the tyre. This type of tyre damage can be repaired by using a reinforced patch and a heated spotter to cure the hole with filling material. Certain repair kits from military supply systems do not come with heat application units. Instead, chemically vulcanized fill material is used to patch the hole which is then reinforced with a patch or plug hole.

How to Choose the Best Tyre Repair Service for Your Vehicle?

Tyre RepairsTyre Repairs

  • Choose a repair service where professionals are ready to visit the area where your vehicle with damaged tyre is parked. The professional assistance is essential in order to properly assess the damage to your tyre. Only after that, they can offer the best solution for repair.
  • Try contacting repair service shops within your local area before choosing one. You might be offered better service of skilled professionals at better rates, which you will only be able to discover if you contact a number of repair service shops.
  • The tyre repair company should be equipped with the latest tools for the needs. Any company that uses worn out tools for repairing your tyres will not be able to offer its best services to you. Find a company that has experienced and skilled professionals, along with their repair and service equipment.
  • You must check online for customer satisfaction feedback and reviews. This will help you choose a company that offers good repair services for your tyres. Good customer feedback will ensure that the company offers quality services.
  • The company should offer you cost effective service for your tyre repair needs. Look for a company that is cost advantageous for you to repair your tyre. If a company is offering very high cost for its repairing services, it might be more economical for you to get a new tyre instead. A company who offers you good quality repair service at affordable price is the best company to approach for repairing your tyres.

So, above mentioned are the few tips which will allow you to make an informed decision about how you can choose a good tyre repairing service for your vehicle.