What is finger food?

It is a way of eating food using fingers or hands instead of eating it from spoon, knives, fork or any other cutlery. Traditionally, it is considered that eating food with hands is hygienic and becomes more delicious. For instance, in South Asia, food is mostly eaten using hands. Following the trend, finger food has become very popular in western countries also. It is very convenient to serve, as well as eat. 

Finger Food Catering in Event Planning

Nowadays, event planning has become the trend of organizing parties and functions. Event planning delegates different roles to different people so that preparations are made without any compromises. Many event management companies have recently included finger food catering in their services. The concept of finger food is a hit in all types of events such as birthdays, weddings, corporate functions and any family function. It is most preferable in weddings because it offers more variety and flexibility in the menu. Other than this, it is comparatively affordable and cost saving than other catering options. Finger food catering is a unique prospect for event planners who can expectantly depend on the professionals for organizing successful event catering.

Finger Food Catering

Finger Food Catering

Advantages of Using Finger Food Catering in Event Planning

There are several benefits of using finger food catering in event planning. Some of them are as follows:

1. Easy and Convenient

The first and foremost benefits of finger food are that it ensures hassle-free and easy ways to serve the guests effectively.

2. More Choices

It is important to satisfy the palettes of every guest. Finger food comes up with a lot of varieties, which helps the event planner to achieve this goal. The choices include appetizers or entree items such as sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks or wings, cheese and olives on sticks, spring rolls, samosas, sandwiches, buns, potato wedges, hot dogs, burger, bread, fruit and pizza. In dessert cookies, pastries, ice pops and ice creams are suggestive for finger food.

3. Economical and Budget Friendly

In event planning, budget plays a crucial role. The maintenance of budget largely depends on the availability of resources. Along with offering various choices, finger food also controls the budget. This helps to contribute the budget savings to other arrangements.

4. Personalization

Finger food catering allows you to customize and arrange things in your own way.

5. Eliminates Sitting Arrangements

Finger food does not need big plates; this food can be picked up and consumed easily. A sit-down meal system is eliminated. It is advantageous for venues where there is less space.

6. No Table Etiquettes are required

It is a tough task for few people to maintain the table etiquettes and have a proper knowledge of tableware. Finger food catering allows you to use your finger where no other cutlery is required.

7. Spiritual Benefits

Traditionally, it is believed that food eaten with hands is more healthy and hygienic. This concept is also known as dynamic cleaning.

8. Creates Casual Environment

It is like a casual conversation over finger  These small portions of meal help you to converse better with the other guests.

This information will be very helpful for those who are planning to organize a party at their home. They can just hire an event planner and ask for finger food catering. Other than this, people now prefer short meals over big meals, where they can enjoy all types of hot and cold items. Finger foods have several options from appetizers to desserts. For further details, you can search for event management companies and ask them to elaborate the concept of finger food.