When you own a BMW, then you have to be cautious with the maintenance and servicing of the car. Remember, that not every mechanic, and not every service station can repair and service a BMW. The world’s one of the costliest cars needs special care and maintenance through the hands of trained mechanics, which must be authorized by the company to perform maintenance, services, and repairs.

Hence, the first thing, you need to do, when you are planning to get your BMW service, is to take a list of the service centers in your area, and talk to them one on one. In addition, do not just rely on the company to provide a list, which tells about the BMW only service centers. You can search for other service station as well, which are certified to do BMW servicing. This way, you will have a lot of options around you to filter down to one.



Here are some of the things a BMW technician will especially have:

  • Will know all the factory settings, norms and standard of working of BMW, so as to serve the vehicle with the knowledge and standard.
  • Will immediately know the most common issues a BMW car faces.
  • Can connect with a BMW service advisor to especially fetch items, which are needed for maintenance and repair, which is not provided with the car repair order kit.
  • Can fetch original BMW replacement parts from the parts department.
  • Can notify you immediately on realizing that addition repairs or work is needed on the car.
  • The mechanic does all the documentation of the work, which is one of the most important parts, is done accurately, carefully, and with stamp and authenticity.
  • Can test the car by running on road and ensure things are fine.
  • Constantly gets updated about newer settings and changes exclusively with the BMW cars.
  • Gets trained direct from the BMW center.
  • Always services a new car such that the warranty never gets void.

This shows how you can be a gainer when you get the car maintained, serviced and repaired by only a BMW service mechanic.

# Where to Get a Good BMW Mechanic

BMW mechanics are not necessarily available at BMW service centers only. They are also available as individual practitioners, and in other car service centers, which serves BMW and many other brands. You will have to do a simple online search to find the nearest BMW service center, where you can get a good and well-trained mechanic.

# Ask About the Insurance

However, trained the mechanic is, you must never forget to ask the professional about insurance. The professional must be insured while on duty to handle your car, so that, if any problem occurs, you can be paid for the loss through the insurance claim of the mechanic. Not all mechanics have a current insurance, and this part must be clarified.

BMW Service

BMW Service

# A Good BMW Mechanic May Make the Car Worthy of A Resale

Sometime, old cars in a deteriorating condition are no good item to fetch a good amount of money on sale. However, when you get the car checked by a BMW mechanic, then you can fix many major flaws with the car, get parts replaced with original BMW parts, and get a pre-sale checking and roadworthiness certificate from the mechanic. Thus, all these prepare the car to make an impression before the buyer and help you get a good value for it.

For best results, you can read reviews and feedback about the mechanic if you get any information online. This helps choose the best technical hands for your car.