All kinds of sports are good for the physical and mental health of the human beings. Sports help individuals to stay in shape and contributes to keeping the mind fresh and positive to deal with the difficult conditions. Although there are various kinds of games to choose, joining a netball team could be a good option for having fun.



Netball is a great game to play both outdoor and indoor. Considered as a version of basketball, netball can be played by professionals as well as amateur players. Many countries around the world play it professionally, and there are various international level competitions played between the countries. But it is also played by amateur players as well as those players who have basic knowledge about the game. At a certain professional level, the game is considered only for women and most sponsors only pay attention to women teams of netball. But it is meant for men too. Even kids can play it with children of their age. In addition to its rising popularity, there are many reasons to choose the game and play it. Here are some of the reasons:

Version of Basketball

Basketball is quite a popular game to play, but it is fun only when professionals play it. In addition, the game requires stamina, detailed knowledge of the game and long time for its completion. But basketball lovers can switch to Join netball and enjoy the feel of basketball. Being a version of basketball, netball Team is a shorter format of it and doesn’t require one to be a professional player to take part in it. In addition, it can be played by everyone, including those who don’t practice it every day.

Indoor Netball

There are many types of games that are only played in outdoor conditions, which mean they could only be played when outdoor weather conditions are supportive. On the other side, netball is a flexible game which can be played both- indoor and outdoor. To make the game more interesting and fast, nets are installed around all the corners of netball courts which do not allow the ball to go far and the game can be started without wasting time.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Although it’s a short and fast game, it offers all the physical and mental benefits that other games offer. Like other sports, a player of netball is needed to be physically fit and work on team strategies to win the game. In addition, the game demands team work. While playing the game, they also come to know that how other people think and they get the opportunity to meet new people and learn about the society. 

Mixed Netball

Mixed Netball

Reduced Risks of Diseases

The game has benefits for all kind of players, especially women. A recent report on the game by the Women’s Sports Foundation showed that women who play the game at regular basis are physically active. In addition, these women were found at reduced risk of diabetes, obesity, low self-esteem and depression.


Like many other indoor and outdoor games, the netball sport makes players learn the importance of co-ordination. They learn how to work in a team and how to work silently even without letting the opposition know about their plans. They also develop various kinds of special skills, including hand-to-eye coordination. In addition, they become flexible and active in their real life.

These are some of the benefits of playing Join netball which suggest that it is an exciting game to play and have fun with friends. In addition, it also makes people develop new skills that they could apply in their real life and stay positive even during the negative situations.