There are tons of freezers available in the market to choose from, a large number of them are manufactured by reputed companies who have decades of experience and innumerable innovations and advancements in this area. Then in that case, what should help you decide upon a chest freezer for commercial use or large-scale storage. What criteria are you to look forward to making any such choice?

First of all, let us understand the pattern that a commercial chest freezer has. As the name suggests these have a top lift up lid. They are generally upright refrigerators that are lying down. People would most often by such a unit to fit their needs of storing frozen food for a couple of days. These are both compacts in space management and pricing too.

Chest FreezerChest Freezer

Sizes – Commercial chest freezers are found in various shapes and sizes. They could be compact or large too, ranges of models can be found to meet your need of cold storage. A variety of these units are these days sold on the internet via online marketing. You could easily research them online before you venture out into the market or store to see and feel one yourself. 

How Do They Work? 

These units are essentially manufactured with a manual defrosting technique. You may need to attempt this only once a year; there is often a temperature controlling switch which allows you to regulate the temperature according to your storage needs. It is also equipped with a power-on indicator and an interior light to make frozen products more visible inside the container; you may also get along with this a basket to store and spate certain products, ice tray and other utensils to place inside.

Commercial Chest Freezer

Commercial Chest Freezer

Temperature – Commercial chest freezer operates in the range of -18 to -40 degrees Celsius; this will help to maintain frozen food in temperatures not allowing the food to entertain harmful agents. These units can easily be used for commercial purposes and medical storages to hold vaccines and other lab products and medicines.

Capacity – Unlike upright freezers, that have a cap on their limit with respect to the volume that can be held. Commercial chest freezers have a capacity of 110 liters right up to 567 liters. This variation in capacity should suffice most commercial freezers needs. The smaller ones are generally used for storing dairy products or ice creams.

Top Options – The other option that is available with freezers is the kind of top. A regular body top that is lift and use, can be replaced with many other options. Outside of the traditional top, you could choose a glass top, making the storage see through and also helps to display your products. If you are in need to utilize space in your industrial or commercial kitchen you could choose to have a granite top for your chest freezer.

Overall you need to make sure of these listed items that your commercial chest freezer should have.

  • Manual Defrost toggle switch or button
  • Power indicator light to ensure that power is supplied to the unit
  • Temperature control to adjust as per need
  • Drain to let the water or liquids run during defrosting
  • Lid with counter, glass or granite
  • Lights inside of the unit
  • Lock key mechanism
  • Rollers to move the unit inside the establishment as desired

Most of these above-mentioned features are present in chest freezers widely manufactured today. They will also help you adjust your freezer to your requirements. If you deal with large quantities of food, a chest freezer is a good long-term investment.