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Looking to buy a timber dining table online? Well, this is a major decision you are taking and so make sure you get value for the money invested. Buying dining table made up of 100% hardwood is a great investment. The timber material for the dining table must be kiln dried and the table should be handmade. A quality hardwood dining table of timber material will be strong, durable, and sturdy. Within the available choices of timber dining tables are also antique tables featuring quality finish from craftsmen.


Timber Dining Table

They are the tables of bygone days manifesting quality and workmanship to blend to today’s times. While choosing timber dining tables, pay attention to the finishing of the table, the parts, components and fixtures used. There are some tables that are made up of multiple timbers and so the joints should not be visible. If the table has a foldaway leaf at the middle, find out how it slides out and moves back into place. The legs of the table should be strong to hold the weight of the entire table.

Have a look at the way the drawers are constructed. The joints must be durable and tight. The wood for the drawer must be the same as that of the table. Make sure the drawer is made properly to avoid issues of loose bottom. There must not be any fading timber, rough edges and things like that. The shape of the dining table should also be chosen after a careful thought.

The Various Shapes of The Dining Table

There can be various reasons for purchasing timber dining tables. You may be undertaking a home renovation or looking to cater to the needs of your expanding family. Apart from this, if you are moving to a new house you may have to buy a new dining table. No matter what the reason is, you should choose a table which is the right pick for you. Dining tables of timber material or any other material come in various shapes. They include square, rectangular, oval, and round. You may choose an apt one as per the needs of your family.


Dining Table

#1. Should you buy a square shape dining table?

Square dining table facilitates easy conversation and so it is chosen by most homeowners despite the fact it occupies more space. If your dining room is pretty spacious, you may choose a square dining table. For small families, a smaller dining table of square shape is perfect. When you are choosing a square dining table, make sure you select curved chairs. This will help to complete the look.

#2. The traditional and popular rectangular dining table

When it comes to dining tables, rectangular dining table is also a popular choice but it is traditional. The rectangular table can be found in a variety of styles and finishes. A rectangular table may blend with the modern interior to create charming and beautiful setting. Choose a rectangular table which is narrow in shape. Do not go for wider tables as they appear less welcoming.

#3. A luxurious touch to the dining space with oval dining table

If you invite guests only occasionally for meal sessions, you may choose an oval table. It may fabulously lend an occasion to your usual meal sessions. Oval dining table boasts of a luxurious touch.

#4. Round timber dining tables for small families

To enjoy those discussion sessions with your family, choose a round shape dining table. The compact shape of a dining table can easily fit smaller spaces.

Consider the look and feel you wish to create with the timber dining tables. Space where the dining table will be used also matters. Choose an apt size of table as per space and the needs.