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European oak wood flooring is interior designer’s favorite wooden flooring because of its mix style and durability. They have a warm tone to it which provides a character to the room. There is a wide range of European oak wood flooring available in the market to choose from. They come in various sizes and designs. It comes from European cities and possesses many advantages which make it so popular.


European Oak Wood Flooring

They Are a Style Statement

The European oak wood flooring is one of the most popular wooden flooring option and what makes it unique and popular is the kind of character it adds to a room. The best thing about these flooring is that they are affordable with the range of style it presents.

These Tiles Are Low in Maintenance

Only a regular vacuum and wet mop would be needed to keep these tiles clean on day to day basis. They are easy to remove stains and come in waterproof option to lay them in your garden or bathroom area.

It is very durable and can last for a lifetime. They are appropriate when you lay something for a heavy footfall material. With varying grade of wood used to craft European oak wood flooring one can find it to suit his or her style and budget. They are available in prices as low as thirty pounds per square meter.

It Comes in Various Designs

You can now buy European oak wood flooring in varied choices. You can get both finished and unfinished looks under this flooring option. You have hundreds of engineered European oak wood flooring options which can suit your home and budget. The European oak wood flooring is budgeted uniformly as per the wood grade used to craft them.

It Comes in Various Colors

You can get European oak wood flooring in a variety of colors ranging from jet black to bright white. In between, you have various shades of gray ranging in the depth of darkness. You can also get your hands on natural tones to suit your style and living. They are sure to provide unique look to your house and complement its other features. You can never go wrong with European oak wood flooring.


European Oak Flooring

They Can Be Refurbished with A Sand Paper and A Coat of Wax

These flooring option allows you to re-sand them and a quick coat of wax would provide them an all new look once they start looking tiring due to usual wear and tear. They are even better than laying an area rug, for you can clean the rugs but then the rug would start looking tired and worn out even in one wash. However, European Oak Wood Flooring will turn into looking brand new like they are freshly laid.

It Can Be Laid with Under Floor Heating

This flooring comes in a variety that you can lay even with under floor heating. All you need to do is choose your European oak wood flooring in your desired style and color and ask for this version of it. Now you don’t have to compromise with your flooring option even if your house has under floor heating.

It Suits Any Kind of Room

You can choose European oak wood flooring for any kind of room ranging from your bedroom, dining room, kitchen or bathroom. They can stand high range of moisture and heat to suit the style of your kitchen and bathroom. They are appropriately constructed to be water resistant and can stand heavy fluctuation of temperature. So now you do not have to compromise on style and good looks even for your areas like lounge, kitchen, garden and bathrooms.