Through the all-new Mercedes Benz Service Centre packages, all scheduled maintenance of your car is covered. ‘The best or nothing’, just like their tagline, the company tries to build highly desirable, top quality vehicles. Similarly, they try to provide the best in class services to their customers. They make sure to include all the necessary services in their packages to provide hassle-free services and give their clients maximum satisfaction. These services are available for both new and existing Benz cars across the world. It is necessary that we utilize these services to the fullest as they help us to keep our Benz in top notch condition and also help increase its resale value. The various packages offered by the Benz Service Center are:

Mercedes Benz Service

Mercedes Benz Service


1.1. Compact Maintenance Package

This is flat rate servicing for your Benz. It is the most basic Benz Service Center package which involves the regular maintenance procedures recommended by the company. This is the package which will help you to keep your Benz in the ideal condition for a long time and will give you the benefits of cost security, safety, and security, coupled with convenience and value retention. You will not have to incur any extra expenditure for 1 year or 15000 km. This package is available for only the cars which have reached 10 years in an age without any mileage restriction. It does not include replacement of brake pads or tires, etc in addition to other maintenance benefits.

1.2. Compact Plus Maintenance Package

Do not worry about maintenance as this Benz Service Center package aims to ensure top-notch safety and sheer pleasure of driving in your new or used car, and to make sure that your Benz is always to the highest maintained standards. This package consists of all the maintenance work along with wear and tear repairs that need to be undertaken by a profession and also replacement of such parts that have arisen out of normal usage. Apart from cost security, you can always be stress relieved because your Benz will be in the best possible shape for a long run. Your vehicle’s maintenance will be done as per recommended standards of the company and all the parts will be replaced with original Mercedes Benz products to ensure high standards of quality. The difference between the Compact Maintenance and Compact Plus Maintenance Package is that the former does not involve repair and replacement of wear and tear parts while the other includes them. So, accept for accidental damages and some other parts, the entire repair, and maintenance services are available for your Benz in this package. The only condition is that the vehicle must not have reach 8 years in age.

Mercedes Repair Centre

Mercedes Repair Centre


Mercedes gives 2 years of standard warranty on their cars and this is coupled with one year of Star Warranty that is provided by the company. But with Star Care Plus Plan you can now enjoy an additional 4th year of warranty with the same maintenance and wear and tear replacement as your previous standard plan. This thus gives more security as you do not have to incur any extra expenses in the 4th year of your car, which will make sure that your car’s resale value is still intact. Another major benefit of this plan is that you can purchase it anytime in the course of 3 years and the buyers can also enjoy priority servicing at Benz Service Centers.

These are the main packages available for the customers at the Benz Service Centers and one should definitely make use of them as Benz Service Centers will help to keep your car in top shape for longer period of time.