Driveways are very important for all of us and especially for those who have cars at home. Without a driveway, it will be challenging for you to park your car or van in front of your house. Driveways also increase the aesthetic look of the property, apart from making it easier to drive a car inside it. In this article, you will get to know why driveway resurfacing is a must.

driveway resurfacing

driveway resurfacing

Why People Resurface Their Driveways?

Many people prefer to resurface their driveway rather than replacing the whole of it with something different. This is because the driveway resurfacing not only saves you money which would have otherwise been gone if you had opted for a replacement, but it also does not let the areas which are not damaged go to a total waste. Resurfacing also saves a lot of time because it can be done just by removing the top layer and fixing a new one. Resurfacing the driveway, however, is possible when the base is fine, and drainage is good enough. Therefore, in the recent times, many people tend to resurface their driveways.

Let’s Have A Look at The List of Advantages:

Resurfacing the driveway maintains a safe condition to drive your car in and out of your property. The cracks and depression that occurs over time would have otherwise resulted in an accident or damage to your car. Resurfacing helps you to fill up the open gaps and depressions easily.

  • It is important for you to maintain an environment around your house that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Resurfacing the driveway contributes to keeping it smooth and enhances the beauty of your property. By making use of your designing ability, you can revamp your driveway by applying different designs, materials, and colors on it; it is also a good method of customizing the exterior of your property.

  • As the time passes by, driveways tend to get weak. But resurfacing a driveway can increase the life and condition of the same so that you can employ it for more use in the future.

  • Resurfacing is a wonderful plan for it saves you money, if it is done on a regular basis. The simple explanation is that regular resurfacing avoids the development of holes and depressions in a driveway and makes it last longer. Therefore, along with saving your money, it also keeps the driveway from getting deteriorated over time.

What Will Be the Cost of Resurfacing A Driveway? 

When you are thinking of resurfacing your driveway a cost of about $2.25- $2.50 per square foot will be charged for a basic resurfacing job by the professionals. But if you want to have your design, patterns, and colors, the cost goes up and hovers around $4.50-$8 per square foot; a simple driveway which is of average 700-750 sq. Ft costs about $1800-$1875. But applying your customization plans will pull the cost up to almost $2500-$3000 for the same measurement. This is still a better option than replacing a driveway completely that may cost you almost $2300-$2800 for only a basic driveway and consumes your time as well.

So, if you have read through the article, you now must be knowing, why resurfacing of a driveway is recommended to replacing it with a completely new one. Indeed! It costs you more both in terms of time and money. But even if you resurface your driveway, the most important thing you have to do is to maintain it properly so that it can stay for a long period.

So, what is it that is making you think so much. You know now what a better plan is to consider. Just go ahead with it.