In the field of construction and other related domains, workplace safety is one of the most important areas which should be given extra attention. Workplace safety is assured by using various equipment which is often referred to as PPE or Personal Protection Equipment.

What Is the Need for Static Line Systems?

To prevent workers from falling and to ensure adequate safety for them, static line systems are often used. These are usually known as the fixed rail systems. Generally, this technology is used while the roof of a house or a building is being constructed in order to aid the workers and to avoid unnecessary risk of falling from heights.

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Static Line System

In some cases, the design of the building turns out to be so complicated that it is almost impossible to construct it by using traditional safety measures. For instance, there is a need to build the roof with a steep slope. In this situation, workplace safety becomes very essential. The use of static line systems helps in overcoming this challenge.

How Does This Technology Work?

The basic principle behind the working of this system is the use of ‘tension’ that is applied to the ropes/wires which prevents the individual from falling from the roof. The worker uses a harness belt to tie his body to the stainless steel rope and then suspends his body and proceeds with the construction work.

In order to minimize the shock waves that the worker may experience while making movements during work, an ‘energy absorber extension’ is attached to the rope and body of the worker. This absorbs the waves as it acts like a spring. If the user wants to move then he can do so by repositioning the intermediate holders, anchors or the curved parts that can be chosen from a diverse range of mounting fixtures of this system. This system can be attached to different surfaces such as wood, concrete, masonry and, steel.

The static line system is generally used during the construction of the roof of a building. Apart from this, it can also be used in a crane runway or to load a dock. This system can also be used by the workers, even on the top of trucks.

What Are the Applications of Static Line Systems?

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Static Line Systems

The implementation of this system is done in the above-mentioned areas only after proper analysis and calculations. These measurements are important because of the fact that every building has different dimensional measurements, attributes, and design.

What Are the Advantages of Using The Static Line Systems?

  • Although this system is used for workplace safety, it also increases the efficiency of the work in the situations which demand the workers go under steeper slopes. The static line systems are considered to be very efficient and reliable because of versatility in the usage. This system can be implemented in horizontal, vertical and inclined areas.
  • Apart from its versatility and safety assurance, this system is considered to be better than its counterparts because, in it, the user does not need to disconnect himself, again and again, to perform movements throughout the area. This is one of the main reasons for choosing this over other technologies such as the anchor points system.
  • The use of stainless steel rope guarantees extra safety and high tensile strength that is able to sustain a considerable amount of weight easily without collapsing.
  • This system can also be used by more than one user simultaneously. This reduces the cost and amount of safety equipment needed on the construction site.
  • Another benefit of using static line systems is its capability to absorb the energy which prevents on-site injuries.