Air Conditioning Is the Process of Removing Heat from The Interior of The House, Office or Any Other Place Thereby Giving A Cooling Sensation. The Air Conditioner Is Required to Overcome the Hot and Humid Temperature During the Time of Summer and Give A Chilling and Relaxing Atmosphere. It Also Works as Dehumidifiers, Thereby Reducing the Temperature of Humidity.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner Provides You with This Type of Facility and Creates A Comfort Zone Inside Your House So in Return Air Conditioning Services Are Required Within A Certain Interval of Time to Increase the Life of The Air Conditioner.

Various Parts of Air Conditioner:

  • Refrigeration Cycle- In the Refrigeration Cycle, A Certain Amount of Heat Is Transferred from The Colder Area to The Hotter Location. As the Amount of Heat Will Flow in An Opposite Direction, A Machine Is Required That Can Achieve This. Thus, A Refrigerant Is Used That Absorbs the Heat and Removes Them.

  • Heat Pump Unit- Refrigeration Cycle Is Reversed in The Heat Pump Unit of The Air Conditioner That Produces A Heating Effect in The Indoor Environment Instead of Producing A Cooling Effect. A Heat Pump Is Installed as An Important Feature in Some of The Air Conditioner. During the Operation of Heat Pump, The Indoor Evaporator Coil Changes the Role and Becomes A Condenser Coil That Produces Heat Whereas the Outdoor Coil Works in A Reverse Manner and Produces A Cooling Effect and Discharges Cold Air Which Is Much Cooler Than the Outdoor Ambient Air.

  • Evaporative Cooling- In Very Dry Climate Areas, These Are Used to Produce A Cooling Sensation. Outside Air Is Drawn Through Wet Pad Which Is Generally A Sponge Soaked in Water. Hence, The Hot Air from Outside Gets Cold and Produces A Cooling Sensation.

    These Require Maintenance Within A Regular Interval of Time. Air Conditioning Services Are Very Much Important to Be Maintained for Their Long Lifespan. Air Conditioning Services Give Maintenance and Repair Services for All the Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment and Systems That Are There on The Different Campuses. The Responsibility of The Team Includes Repairing and Maintaining of All the Components and Also the Replacement of The Components, If Required.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services Are Basically of Three Types

  • Basic Services
    Basic Services Include Maintaining the Existing Equipment as Well as The Installation of Replaced and New Equipment That Includes the Rebuilding of Chillers, Replacement of Large Fans and Motors that are Serving the Air Conditioning System.

  • Emergency Services
    Emergency Services of The Air Conditioner Are Available For 24 Hours That Is for the Whole Day. You Can Report Malfunctions of The Air Conditioners on The Work Office Number and In Case of An Emergency in The Emergency Number at Any Time, Whether Day or Night.

  • Additional Services

    Additional services that are offered by air conditioning services are –

    It provides maintenance, repairs, and services for the stationary air compressor that serves the laboratory building on the campus. Testing that is related to fan system, as well as fume hoods, is also done. Similarly, many other services are also performed.

For the overall indoor comfort, air conditioner plays an important role and it is to be looked after that it works well and is having a good lifespan so that the air conditioner can satisfy you with their service. So, it is required that when your air conditioner is not working well you should consult a good service provider. A good service provider provides you with good technicians who can look after your air conditioner and make them work properly again.

In a nutshell, Air conditioning services are the most important and availed services during the time of hot summer.