Any construction industry is completely dependent upon the powerful and durable lifting machines, which are used to lift the heavy loads safely and efficiently. The most popular manufacturer of lifting the machines globally is Liebherr. The manufacturer works towards the needs of the construction industry and aims at producing the efficient products to suit every need. The laborers and industrial workers can access the mobile cranes very easily, and they can be taken to different parts of a venue or a construction project.


Liebherr Mobile Crane

  • Mobile cranes are basically the most basic type of cranes which are mounted onto a mobile platform. The mobile cranes are used just as a telescopic boom on a platform. They are used alternatively as a full-size crane too.
  • The Liebherr mobile cranes are used to lift heavy objects. These cranes are constructed in such a way that they are even capable of accessing sites and works, which become difficult for the other types of cranes to access.
  • They are basically equipped with wire rope drums, chains, and a control panel too for safe and easy access during the work. They can handle very heavy loads as well as the huge working heights and radii.

They Are Used for A Number of Construction Projects:

The Liebherr cranes are basically used for a variety of construction jobs which are considered as the most economical and compact crane which is constructed to handle the difficult lifting tasks as per the demanded environment conditions. It has been recently introduced but has captured the market in no time. The Liebherr’s mobile cranes conceptualize innovative concepts with a fusion of new technologies to enduring a safe, efficient and easy work field.


Liebherr Crane

Benefits of The Liebherr Mobile Cranes:

  1. Powerful performance: The mobile crane’s guarantees convenient and a powerful performance. It the best fusion of the art technology and it ensures optimal operations. The cranes are equipped with a powerful cylinder turbo diesel engine, which provides around two hundred seventy-eight horsepower, which makes it suitable for the heavy-duty use. These Liebherr cranes are used for both small and heavy construction tasks, which provide exceptional comfort and maneuverability.
  2. Innovative features: These Liebherr mobile cranes are comprised of many innovative features and technologies, which help to enhance the performance. These cranes are capable of operating quickly and efficiently on any job sites.  The most advanced features in these cranes are high-speed rear axle steering, pneumatic disk brakes, wireless controls, excellent flexibility in operations and a highly-equipped driving chambers.
  3. Comfort with safety: The prime motto of the Liebherr mobile crane is the operator’s comfort and safety. It provides the operator with easy, convenient and safety operations. The driver seat has comfort headrests, seat belts, pneumatic lumbar support and adjustable wheels which makes it reading handy for every construction tasks.

Spheres in Which Liebherr’s Mobile Cranes are Used:

  • Construction Materials
  • Bridges
  • Railroad
  • Shipping materials or equipment
  • Cars
  • Scrap materials
  • Mobile homes

Reasons for Opting Leibherr’s Mobile Crane Over Other Cranes

  1. Efficient chassis and drive technology
  2. High mobility and a great economy
  3. Variable steering concept
  4. Comfort and functionality
  5. Vario-base
  6. Intelligent crane control
  7. Optimized dimensions
  8. High lifting capacities with a long boom
  9. Functional additional equipment
  10. High service availability
  11. Compact and designed for road transport
  12. Self-loading and self-assembly system
  13. Precise crane control
  14. Multifunctional boom service

The Liebherr’s mobile cranes develop and manufacture a highly modern telescopic and lattice boom cranes on mobile chassis. The customer needs are primarily focused on starting from the development point to the service with an objective to set standards in the overall quality, functionality, and safety. It ensures machinery to be highly reliable in use.