A variation of netball which is played indoors is known as Indoor Netball. In this game, each side of the court is surrounded and the overhead by the net. The ball cannot leave the court because of the net. The number of stoppages of the play is reduced by the net as well. This is how indoor netball gets a faster pace as compared to netball. Indoor Netball has two variations: 6-a-side and 7-a-side.

Netball Competition

Netball Competition

It focuses more on mixed gender matches than what netball provides. Indoor Netball Competition may not have huge popularity like netball, but it is growing slowly but steadily in countries like Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand. The administrator of this sport on the international level is- World Indoor Netball Association (WINA).

Techniques to Win Indoor Netball Competition

  • Get an Organized and Basic Strategy First: Do not take 5-a-side as an informal game. Also, think about the tactics thoroughly if you want to win the indoor netball competition. Organization of the players is very important and to execute the same, having a basic 5-a-aside formation is needed. The formation should be a combination of defense and, attack and should not be over rigid. If you spend time in planning the formation, it can go a long way in being successful when contesting in indoor netball competition.
  • Players Should Attack and Defend as A Team: The team should act as a cohesive unit – defense and attack should not be segregated. All the players must be efficient enough to do both the tasks. The team must be able to get back into position speedily. Also, the attacking player has to get back to defending a position in the event that his team does not have possession. Similarly, the defender is expected to mark their contribution to the team when they have the ball.
  • Knowing The Tricks Of The Trade During Defense: A 5-a-side defending is not only about playing as a team and communicating well with every player, but also some additional techniques have to be put into practice, too.  You must make sure to follow the runs,  be on the goal –side of the player which you have marked, be patient, and try to prevent the shots. Also, jockeying the opponent away from making any goals should constitute as one of your strategies.
Netball Competition

Netball Competition

  • You Must Have An Efficient 5-A-Side Goalkeeper: Half of the success of the team in indoor netball competition is ensured if you have a competent goalkeeper in your team. A good goalkeeper is not like the other players on the team, but his role is invaluable. The duty of the goalkeeper of a 5-a-side keeper is more than just blocking the ball making dives. But, he must, also block the shots by getting off the line swiftly when the attacker is near the box.
  • Stay Fit: 5-a-side is quicker and more intense than the version of a 90 minute 11-a-side game. The former includes constant movement without any pause, a sudden change in the direction, and numerous sprints as well. Therefore, more time is spent by the players involving high-intensity shots. Keep in mind that for this action-packed game, staying fit is the most important thing to win indoor netball competition.
  • Know the Short-Passing Game Well: The court where the 5-a-side game is played is comparatively small and tight-spaced. There if you can showcase your skill and play with precision, you will be rewarded. Because of the tight court, there is no chance of playing a long pass; only short passes with the length of a pitch is possible. Also, most of the passes are of less than 10 meters in length, while the maximum is permitted to be 20 meters.