Vacuum pumps are used in different industries and it plays an important role depending on the industry type. Vacuum pump servicing works out as an essential for the smooth running of an industry. These pumps are used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, processes for plastic molding, and a lot more. These pumps are categorized according to the techniques, like momentum transfer, positive displacement, entrapment, and many more. Different vacuum pumps are used for different applications.

Vacuum Pump Servicing

Reasons for Using Vacuum Pump Servicing:

Investing in vacuum pump servicing can produce process results of a high quality. The vacuum pump failures are the most unexpected ones. This can be prevented with on time service by the professionals having expertise in the same.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

The manufacturer of a specific vacuum pump provides a checklist of maintenance activities to conduct on a routine basis. A maintenance log needs to be incorporated documenting the maintenance done on a routine basis. This log plays an important role in diagnosing any problems with the vacuum pump in the future. This log also helps with to stock the required spare parts and can schedule the different activities for maintenance.

An hour meter helps in the documentation of the number of hours the vacuum pump operates between the servicing.

Inspection and Oil Change:

The main concerns for a diffusion pump and the rotary vane pump are oil contamination that tends to be a major problem. This oil needs to be changed at proper intervals for the smooth running of the vacuum pump and this can be possible with routine vacuum pump servicing.

  • The oil pump is contaminated or oxidized over a period of time and the lubricity of the oil is reduced. This contamination can be due to moisture. The water vapor, which is absorbed, tends to flash off during the process of pumping. This leads to the pump’s capacity being consumed.
  • The oils used in diffusion pumps are hydrocarbon based. This tends to leave a residue on the pump, leading to clogging of the vapor jets. It is advisable to use oils, which are silicone based.
  • Demanding applications in an industry require the oil to be changed either every month or even every week. A well-reputed Vacuum pump servicing company can decide on this oil change after the required inspection.

Indications for Oil Change:

Some common indications for the oil change are:

  • The pump’s inability to reach the ultimate vacuum with the closed inlet valve
  • An appearance on the darker side either with or even without the particulates
  • A milky appearance indicates the presence of moisture or water vapor in the system.

Besides, the oil change, the vacuum pump servicing includes sorting out the oil leakage, checking out the drive belts along with the couplings, inspecting the bearings and cleaning along with the internal inspection.

Choosing Vacuum Pump Servicing:

There are multiple companies offering vacuum pump servicing. Before opting for a specific, ensure that you consider the following factors:

1. Look for a vacuum pump servicing, which works out to be cost-effective.

2. Ensure the technicians handling the pumps are not only well qualified but also experienced.

3. The chosen servicing company needs to offer original and authentic replacement parts if required.

4.  A well-reputed vacuum pump servicing company needs to advice on the apt maintenance schedule to follow and offer some basic tips for the day-to-day maintenance of the vacuum pump.