People are well-aware of the signs of a clogged drain. If you see water gathering around your feet while taking bath, this is a definite sign of a clogged drain. The bad odour is also an indicator of a clocked drain. In extreme situations, the pipes may burst, and your bathrooms may be flooded. You may try your best to clear the dirt of the drains, but that might do precious little to clear the clog. Here we will list a few ways to unclog your blocked drain. If the condition persists, you will have to take the assistance of a professional plumber.

Some Easy Ways to Unclog Blocked Drains

unclogging drain

Unclogging Drain

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda – Firstly, mix one-third baking soda with one-third of vinegar in a measuring cup. This will immediately give a fizzing effect. Then pour the mixture into the blocked drain. The fizz will help clear the grime, gunk, and hairs from the passage of the drain. If you are in a hurry then leave the drain for an hour, but if it is a day off then leave the drain in this condition for a day or overnight. Give it enough time to sit and then use some water to flush it off. Then put dry baking soda in the opening of the drain in a way that it also gets inside.

2. Bent Wire Hanger – This is a simple and effective method. Get one regular hanger made of wire. Straighten the hanger and then bent one end so that it forms a hook. Place the hanger straight inside the opening of the drain and pull the entire gunk out. Do not forget that you have to pull it out and not push everything inside. The entire gunk will get attached in the hook thus clearing the passage of the drain. Then pour in some hot water in the drain and you will not face any further difficulties.

3. Boiling Water – Boiling water can do wonders in this case. Boil water in a container to its tip. Then slowly pour the water into the blocked drain through its opening. Pour the water slowly and repeat this step for three to four times continuously. This will help you to get an unclog drain.

4. Caustic Soda – This is a very important ingredient for cleaning an unclogging drain. But before you start, get yourself a pair of gloves and a protection for the eyes. It must be used carefully, or it may burn the skin. Get some of it from the local hardware shop. Take a bucket full of water and mix two to three cups of caustic soda. You will get to see a fizzing effect in that. The next step is to pour that mixture in the clogged drain. Then leave it for twenty to thirty minutes and pour some boiling water into that. This is a very simple method of unclogging a drain.

5. Salt and Baking – This is another option that can be of great help. Leave the mixture of half a cup of salt and half a cup of baking soda for about twenty minutes in the drain. It will help clean up the drain with ease. Then wash it off with hot water. This will soften the nasty particles and help you get a clear passage.

Try these ways to unclog your blocked drain. You can share these steps with your friends, neighbours, and family too. These are the few techniques that will help you get rid of unwanted materials from the drains.