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Cordless tools often interchangeably used with the term “power tools” are a much-preferred option over handheld tools. Handheld tools often put the owner at a risk of sustained injuries and with the progression of technology; it is gradually becoming an outmoded use. Therefore, cordless tools have a stronger sway over the market and can be spotted in every work kit, industrial, home or otherwise. It consequently becomes important that people, by and large, are aware of what these tools really are and the uses they are supposed to provide an individual/ a workforce with. Lack of prior and credible information might result in mishandling the object, leading to mishaps.

Take A Look At The Various Types: 

The article endeavors to equip its audience with a comprehensive catalog of cordless tools, enumerating their uses along the way. A concise summary of five such tools have been enlisted below to aid in the process of understanding:

 #1. Air Compressor

The tool functions to convert power (either electric or gasoline) into energy which in turn is preserved as pressurized air. With usage, the device starts storing up energy in the form of pressurized air in the tank to the extent determined by its make. To come to their uses, the compressor can be used for a host of applications ranging from spray painting, DIY auto repairs, cleaning objects, filling up gas cylinders or any work as such which requires filling up of air that cannot be managed manually.

#2. Rotary Tool

Rotary Tool

Amongst cordless tools, a rotary tool is one such tool which can be utilized for a number of purposes. Normally, in a power tool, one searches for functions that can cater to a number of odd jobs in and around. The rotary tool fits the checks off versatility from the list. They are used to polish objects which have lost their luster. To work on moldings, leveling off sharp edges, cutting through light materials- these account for other uses. Sometimes grout removal from in between tiles is also a feat managed by this tool.

#3. Chainsaw

This tool is one of the most talked-about/heard-about cordless tools. Albeit, it is a heavy tool which requires strict safety regulations. However, their utility is more assigned to taking on jobs outdoors. For example, they can be used for hacking down adult trees to trimming off branches. Special makes also offer the options of cutting through concrete. In fact, in countries which have harsh winters, chainsaws are used for cutting through congealed ice as well.


#4. Belt Sander

A belt sander is a useful device whereby it is often preferred by people who manage to conduct a lot of sand in a small period of time. They do not provide finishing touches and are powerful enough in performing the job of sanding. They can be used for: sanding super rough surfaces, shaping and trimming wood for larger projects and also trimming a scribed line.

#5. Heat Guns

These machines are hand-held ones which channel hot air at a specific target. The temperature normally ranges from 100 degree Celsius to 550 degree Celsius. Since many applications need heat in the completion of the task, they can be utilized for a lot of purposes. Few of them being- scraping paint off, shrinking materials such a tubing and film, thawing pipes that have frozen over and also helps in bending plastic amongst many other uses. These are highly versatile.

Thereby, cordless tools are championed for their versatility and the better quality of work that they achieve. Hence, one can get guaranteed rewards using them.