Retractable shade awnings are retractable shades like structure which are usually attached to your homes to protect it against various environmental hazards like sun, rain and snow. Since these awnings are generally very weak due to the material they are made of, they can easily break off if there’s a strong wind or rain. As a result of these are made retractable which means you can just fold it or in other words just roll it into itself.

Retractable shade awnings have various advantages and usages which makes them a very important addition to any household. It can dramatically increase your house’s beauty while protecting certain regions of it at the same time. It provides shade to maybe your outdoor dining area or your special Sunday BB session.

Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor Awnings

Different Types of Retractable Shade Awnings

  • Window Awning: These awnings are made to keep your home cool during the summer weather or protect the insides of your home during the rainy weather. If you are planning to install it for the rain, adding side flaps is a priority.
  • Door awning or canopy: It works like a shade for any guest who might visit and wait outside your door as you open the door. If the weather conditions are harsh and your guests have to wait for you to open your door they can do so without any worry thanks to these.
  • Retractable patio awnings: Retractable shade awnings in your patio doesn’t just add sophistication to your home but increases its value a lot which is due to the factor that these seem like an addition to your house which they aren’t per se. These awnings are made specifically for you if you like to sit outside your home, maybe in your garden, for extended periods of time or maybe you love to BBQ outside. They in simple words add another dimension to your house.
Retractable Awning

Retractable Awning

Tips to Keep in Mind While Constructing Retractable Shade Awnings

Installing a retractable shade awning isn’t as difficult as choosing one or deciding how to build it. There are many factors which need to be considered. To say which the best retractable awning for you is a very difficult question to answer because different people have different reasons to construct an awning. That being said this whole article was made to make your decision simpler and hence moving on here are some few things you need to remember while buying a retractable shade awning:

  • Material: Material is a very important factor you need to consider. This is important because here you get to choose between looks and durability. There are mainly two types of materials available, fabric and aluminum.
  • Angle: This may not seem that important at first, but the angle can either make or break your retractable shade awning. The angle is very important because you want the optimal amount of shadow under the awning without compromising on view outside. What the angle should depend on your house’s location and how the sun affects the shadow of your house.
  • Side panels: As mentioned earlier awnings are not just made for the purposes they serve but also to increase the overall beauty or one’s home. Side panels are made on the awnings by many to give it a very distinct look while at the same time getting an additional protection against rain or to provide shadow.
  • Size, style and color: The size totally depends on where you construct it and how much shade you want. Style and color, on the other hand, are mostly based on how you want the awning to compliment your house.


Retractable shade awnings make the outdoor patios and decks very useful no matter what the weather conditions are. As said earlier to mention the perfect retractable shade awning is very difficult because different people have different reasons to put one up, but this article aims to clear out your confusion in the best way possible. You can easily block the sun and patio after installing these awnings. Nowadays you can get automated awnings which is motorized so that you can get more functionality.