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The commercial display refrigerator gets a huge welcome in counter displays, bottle coolers, cake display fridges, restaurants, catering, food storage purposes, cooling bulk edible items etc. If you have a restaurant if you are operating a food van commercial display refrigerator will prove to be a great deal. This will be the best marketing strategy that you can adopt for your business. They are very easy to clean because the glass door needs very less maintenance. You will no longer be required to open the refrigerator door to see items. Many brands are offering a complete range of products for hospitality solutions. The exclusive array of large departmental stores, bakeries, ice cream parlors, restaurants, catering industry has raised the need for a different kind of commercial display refrigerator.


Commercial Display Fridge

Technical Specifications In The Best-Selling Commercial Display Refrigerators 

  • The refrigerator’s door type may be a top open door, scooping unit with sliding plain canopy, eutectic freezer on wheels etc.
  •  The capacity of the commercial display refrigerators may vary from 100l, 150l, 200l, 300l, 400l, 500l based on the model.
  •  The door type may be self-closing or manual.
  • The vast selection of commercial display refrigerator is available from the top brands.
  • There are used, new, less used commercial refrigerators available in the online and commercial market.
  • High-efficiency compressor should be space saving and come with a minimalistic design. But robust construction is preferred for heavy duty use.
  • Can maintain temperatures from -25 to -18degree Celsius for 18 hours.  This is called the temperature holding time which is specified in all the brands.
  •  The total power consumed for 12 hours of working will be usually 2.2 units/day.
  •  cooling capacity
  •  Usually, a 1-year warranty is provided by many of the leading brands.
  • Many brands are available with different specifications, check your requirement before you buy.
  •  The refrigeration body material is usually made of stainless steel, metal
  •  The commercial display refrigerator should be tested for higher outdoor conditions also.

Refill Your Requirements With Various Types Of Commercial Display Refrigerators

  • Glass top deep freezer.
  • Chest freezer.
  • Chest Cooler.
  • Visa cooler.
  • Ice cream refrigerators.
  • Supermarket refrigeration- 4 door vertical freezers, open display chiller, cake pastry display counter, refrigerated open display chiller.
  • Storage freezers.
  • Wine fridges.
  •  Everyone would have rejoiced the cold Beer at restaurants or bars. The secret behind the lavish enjoyments is the Beer fridges. They come in the single, double or triple door with the black and white finish. The cold temperatures often make the drinks ready to serve and the minimal lighting gives high visibility of the brand and size of the bottles.
  • The modular cold storage rooms give heated door frames and extra durability furnished with high strength stainless steel floors.
  • Bar fridges
  •  The high vision glass cabinets are preferred in supermarkets for the meat and fish display. This is one of the ways to get the customer attraction.
  • Fruits and vegetable display.
  • Mobile display.
  • Slimline fridges and multi decks.
  • Solid door and meat fridges.
  • Under counter fridges.
  • Salad counters

Discover the Best Features in the Commercial Refrigerator Display


Display Refrigerator

  • European style models appeal customers with its elegant and luxurious look.
  • High-efficiency compressor with low noise
  • Compressor cooling should be fitted with a dynamic fan.
  • Deep cooling.
  • Quick freezing.
  • High-efficiency radiator installation.
  • The curved glass door should be heated reflecting.
  • Good heat insulation should be maintained.
  • Easy to move with castor on bottom
  • Defrost drain hole
  • Easy to clean
  • 0 to 10°C is the normal FF temperature.
  • Less than -12°C will be the FZ temperature.
  • Most of the refrigerators are built with manual defrost.
  • Ensure the handle is easy to open and close.

The commercial restaurants and malls often have limited space for storage. It’s better to consult the sales team of any brand to get a detailed view and understand the technical specifications before investing.