In every household bathroom, there are shower drains. It may seem unimportant to the eyes, but its role is important than anything else. They are tiny holes with a direct link with the sewage. Water goes down the pipe without preventing clogging of the bathroom. In the modern-day fashionable and highly attractive bathroom fixtures, why should shower channel grates be left out? It might be a challenging task to find the right kind of shower channel complimenting your style and bathroom, but not impossible to find.

A shower channel grate should be as functional as it should look appealing. You may have many questions running through your mind right now. Which shower channel grate you should install or buy? What should be the size? It is a vital bathroom fixture. Therefore, select it with the utmost care and collective thought. It keeps your bathroom neat and clean and stops seeping of water through your walls.

Here is a guide to help you select the right kind of shower drainage that might be best suitable to meet your purpose and look compatible with your bathroom.

 Types Of Shower Channel Drains:

  • Linear Shower Drains: Having a rectangular shaped body, the holes in these shower channel grates are perforated, it helps in the flowing of water smoothly. There is no need for the floor to have a sloppy direction to drain out water when you install linear shower drains. You could install them against the wall or the floor. This shower channel grate also reduces the service depth, which is a good opportunity for developers, allowing them to install multiple units.
  • Square Or Round Shower Drains: They are the most common and oldest style of shower channel grates. They are readily available in the market and are cheap, as well. Nowadays, in the market, you get more luxurious and attractive styles of Square or round shape shower grates. If you want to match it with the marble or tile of your bathroom, you can easily opt for tile insert.
  • Top Tile Linear Shower Drains: They feature a removable tile pan located on the drain strainer. They camouflage the drain in a seamless way to give it a smooth look. You can install it just as you install linear shower channel grates.
Shower Channel Grates

Shower Channel Grates

Shower channel Grates can come in different styles. That is, they may have different hole designs to give it an enduring look.

Some Of The Noteworthy Grate Designs Are Following:

  • Perforated Pattern Shower Channel Grates: They offer an attractive solution to you with metal screen acting as the channel grate. They are efficient and have hygiene draining qualities.
  • Plated Shower Grates: When you install plated shower grates, you get advantages like long durability, longevity, value, easy to clean. They make ideal companions for your shower and bathroom. They can be used for both industrial and residential purposes.
  • Wedge Wire Grates: This is made of stainless steel and is a popular choice for most of the households. They are strong, scratch resistant, and are easy to clean. They come in wedge wire shapes and you can easily customize your drain to fit with your own personal grate selection.

Highly customizable, they offer a stylish finish to your bathroom space. They can be paired with marble, slate, tile, and not only bathroom, but can be used for pools, kitchen, and other places. Choosing the drain location depends on the waste line location. If you want, you can easily replace the location of the waste line but with the help of supervision. Buy the right kind of shower channel grate of any shape, size, design, and length, which suits your bathroom perfectly.