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The term EHS audit stands for the term environment, health, and safety audit. This is a type of audit, as its name suggests, it looks into the environmental aspects of an organization. This audit will ensure that the organization and its people are making a responsible use of the environmental resources, the health, and the safety of the employees, as well. In short, the EHS audit is a form of audit where overall wellbeing of the company, its employees, and its environment is assured.

This process happens to be important for all types of companies, irrespective of the industry to which it belongs. This is how companies can ensure that they are complying by all the regulations and restrictions that have been levied on companies of their industry by the state and the national environment welfare authorities, as there are always some such rules that are implemented in the context of different nations. These EHS audits are a simple way to ensure that the companies are in no way exploiting the environment in which they are based and are taking good care of their employees.

EHS Audit

Mode Of Conducting

These EHS audits are conducted due to different trigger factors. In many situations, the companies are under the legal obligation of conducting these audits at regular intervals so that their licenses and their authorizations as a legal company never tamper. This is how they ensure that they have been complying with the basic rules and regulations of the industry and have been taking care of the environment and the society as a whole. This is an elemental aspect of their corporate social responsibility.

In many situations, organizations are self-vigilant and they do conduct the EHS audit, as they believe this is an elemental way, through which they can improve their functional excellence and can give better productivity to the society and the industry as a whole.

This is a specialized kind of audit, where different factors like the operational style of the company, the policies of the organization for their employees’ welfare and the internal infrastructure of the organization are pit to evaluation. The scope of these EHS audits happens to be quite wide and diversified. This is why it is advisable that these audits are done through the intervention of experts and authorized experts of the domain. This is how you can be assured of a proper process and a thorough audit of the systems.

Benefits of EHS Audits:

  • One of the biggest benefits of these EHS audits is that checking and evaluation of the internal systems and the structures of the company can take place from time to time. This is how the gaps in the organization’s infrastructure and policies can be found out. All the required changes and adaptations can be done beforehand. Hence, you can prevent some heavy losses for the company as a whole and for the people who are working in it.
  • This is a form of an audit that will help to make the company a lot more responsible towards the environment and the society in which it is based. This is how the company or the organization as a brand can earn a better reputation in the society, market and amongst its very own employees. This can be a huge fillip for the brand as a whole.
  • This form of the audit can train the employees better and can make the company all the way more productive and efficient.

In a nutshell, this form of auditing encompasses various aspects of the business organization. Always maintain all the recorded documents related to the process for the best reference in the future.