Are you planning the construction of a new building or are shifting into a new residential are? Or perhaps, you are renovating an old property?  Whatever you are planning, an essential aspect which is common to all residential and commercial areas is the security and safety. And this is why you must pay special consideration to the type of gates and fences to be used for the security of a property. You can install gates and fences in wooden and in metallic varieties to add glamour and security to your living zone. At the same time, when you have options for customization, you can surely get the design as per your choice and budget.

The Gates and Fences That Offer Variety in Shapes and Structures

There are various types of fencing and gates available. While fencing offers a shield to the activities of the intruders, the gates make for an impressive entry.

Many different types of gates and fences are commercially available, and the fencing selected should not hinder external surveillance by providing a shield to the intruder’s activities. There can be driveway gates, patio gates and fences, metallic garage gates, barn gates and even fences and gates for your farmhouse. Depending on the exact space allocated to each zone, you can choose the gates and fences.

FencesFences: Timber fencing should be avoided as they provide very little security, especially in the commercial environment. You can choose from expanded metal fences and weld mesh fences are effective against all. The Weld mesh is more suitable for commercial security areas. Steel palisade fencing makes for a very substantial barrier and thus is very apt for the high-risk areas. It is essential that the height of the face should not be below 1.8m and if one is looking for a tighter security solution, then it should be of at least 2.4 mt. One can always add barbed wire and other enhancements to enhance security. Fences should have a concrete base foundation so that one cannot lift or under crawl and added security can be ensured by adding CCTV camera and burglar alarm to the fences.

GatesGates: Gates are part of fencing and should not be neglected on the aspects of security, strength, and height. Attention should be paid to the breadth of the gates, and if planning for double gates, it is essential to have locking bolts for the gates. Padlock on the inside can add to the security. However, it is best to avoid chains with padlocks. Heavy-duty close shackle padlocks with five lever or 6-pin tumbler operating mechanisms add the best security to the gates. Hinge pins to gates should be suitably defaced to avoid gate removal by lifting off the hinges.

Gates and fences at the front are an essential characteristic and feature on a property. They not only add a boundary between the property and the street but also maintain an open relationship. Common mistakes seen with Gates and fences include that the fences are made too high, and many masonry piers are placed close together. The gates do not match the style of the fencing and stick out like a sore thumb.

Whatever solution you go for your gates and fences; they should be top quality as well as affordable. Apart from maintaining a wide-open view, they should carry certain elegance and should be easy to install and maintain. You can now choose gates and fences from your local manufacturers and get attractive discounts on each. At the same time, you can also bi-fold and sliding gates to add more glamour to your domestic or official space. Gates and fences can also be installed to keep your office space secure.