Citroen is one of the most reputed automobile manufacturers based in France, operational for more than a century now. It also offers phenomenal quality servicing facilities to its customers in order to keep their vehicles running efficiently. Citroen offers a range of service options, ranging from very best Scheduled Servicing to Fixed Price Servicing facility for cars over 3 years old. Let’s know more about Citroen service offered by the company.

citroen service

Citroen Service

How to Avail Citroen Service?

For availing car service facilities from Citroen, first of all, you have to choose an official Citroen dealer from their website. By selecting Citroen service on the website, you’ll be benefitted by a remarkable official dealer stamp in your service book, which would be helpful in obtaining a good resale value of your vehicle.

How to Book for Car Servicing?

The company provides hassle-free online booking facility in their workshop. You just fill up the servicing form and submit it online. You will get a service call within an hour.

Service Schedule

Service schedule for Citroen car varies from one dealer to the other. Each dealer has its own schedule of servicing, which is variable based on the model number of your car and the engine it has.

The vehicle handbook of your car will guide you to know how often you should take your car in a garage for its service, as well as when specific parts should be replaced. There is a replacement schedule for certain items like spark plugs, oil filters, and pollen filters.

Citroen dealers are knowledgeable about the requirements of your car and what needs to be done during its next service. Highly-trained technicians are at your service at the dealer workshop. They will use original Citroën parts only and get your service sorted very quickly and efficiently.


Citroen Service

What Happens During a Citroen Service?

#1. First Citroen service of your car after 1 year

This will comprise:

  • Refilling of engine oil
  • Replacement of oil filter
  • Top up of essential fluid levels
  • Intensive car health Checkup for items like tires, lights, indicators, mirrors and wipers
  • Car emission check-up including pollen filter and exhaust
  • Checking of the fault memory codes

Pollution free top-ups will not be required in Service & Maintenance plans on any new Citroen Euro 6 Diesel models which are provided with an external AdBlue filling point.

#2. Second-year – major service

This includes all items as stated below:

  • Replacement of Air filter element
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Replacement of gearbox oil
  • Additional checks that include power steering and hoses, rear brake lining wear, suspension, valve clearance, wheel bearing plus more
  • Vehicle Health Check of parts such as tires, lights, indicators, mirrors and wipers
  • In addition to these, you’ll also get all the benefits of an official Citroën dealer, including highly-trained technicians and an official dealer stamp.

In the event of your car is more than 3 years old, you might be looking for affordable options to service your car. Fixed Price Servicing from Citroën starts at just £179 and is designed to be simple and convenient.

#3. Safety check & inspection

This is a highly important inspection, as it is related to the life and safety of the passengers and the driver. This Citroen service will include:

  • Brake Fluid Check-up
  • Brake pad and disc wear testing
  • Hub, rod, ball joint and joint clearance checking and testing
  • Dampers sealing checkup
  • Brake calipers and hoses check
  • Brake hydraulics fluid check
  • Lights, lighting and signaling performance check
  • Tires – front & rear, tread, depth & pressure, as well as wheel balancing
  • Clutch pedal check and testing
  • Handbrake and parking brake check-up
  • Rear brake lining wear check-up
  • Power steering and hoses inspection and testing
  • Wheel bearing check-up

Citroën is highly alert about the servicing of their car, and that is why they have provided dealers which comprise highly trained and expert technicians. The car owners who love their car should go for regular Citroen services to maintain the fine-tuning of their car.