The renovation is a restructuring of the already constructed area. It is always a welcome idea to renovate a place especially the bathrooms. Bathrooms are at various places namely workplaces, hotels, malls, hospitals, home and fuel stations. Depending on the place, if the Bathroom renovations are in a hospital, one must ascertain that renovation is done in a manner enabling disinfectants usage, non-slippery tiles, etc.

bathroom renovations

bathroom renovations

Factors to Be Considered:

Renovating a bathroom is not a child’s play. A badly done bathroom remodeling is very much noticeable and can pinch you in more ways than one. There are certain factors to be considered when renovating bathrooms:

Bathroom renovations, the new drawings, and designs need to consider the area of toilet seats, a requirement of a bathtub, showers, placement of washbasin, washing machine if desired, dustbins etc. The items selected need to be wisely chosen, as the type of tap required at washbasin, shape of bathtub, shooter and so on. It would also be desirable to efficiently utilize the space and have shelves to keep brushes, soaps, shampoos, and other daily utilities. All the aforementioned items would need to be changed when the renovation is done.

At hotels, the size of bathrooms is large unlike in a mall or a petrol station. Therefore, bathroom renovations also depend on the type of place where it is being done.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Budget is another factor that has to be considered while renovating. Whether the floor of the room should be equipped with tiles or wood also needs to be addressed. Sometimes when the homes are made there is a separate room for nature’s call and separate for a bathroom, in some places there might be a single room. Therefore, the renovation process may include a combination of the two or expansion of the single room area too thereby requiring some amount of reconstruction.

Renovation Process:

Once the renovation process begins the members of the concerned places have to use alternate bathrooms for a brief period. During the course of bathroom renovations, such inconvenience it will be there because the process includes construction, changes in items, proper rearrangement and also the painting of the room with appropriate color or wallpapers.

Roadmap of Bathroom Renovations:

The roadmap considers the number of bathrooms to be renovated in a defined period. It should have a time period based on numbers for making the drawings, construction/repair, procurement of items, fixing of the items, floor plans, and wall work.

Based on the roadmap, the time and cost estimates can be worked out. If the renovation pertains to the government then appropriate sanctioning shall be required by the authorities. After these are met the project plan is executed.  Proper project planning is required in case of huge numbers like hotels, hospitals, public toilets etc.

bathroom renovations

bathroom renovations

At times, localities with multiple flats of high-rise buildings may go in for bathroom renovations at the same time. For such multiple renovations at one go, project management is mandatory to ensure timely completion of all activities. Clear communication among contractors, carpenters and other workers would also be required.

Quality checks have to be done in between to ensure that all activities are going on as per plan. Escalation costs, if any, also need to be added to the budget estimate. Integration of all sectors is an uphill task and should be well planned.

In short, bathroom renovations are nothing short of a mini project and therefore must be planned, executed, monitored and controlled with proper closure. Estimations are required at all stages and various models could be used as function points. Risks associated also need to be identified and must be managed Accordingly. Time management is equally important, and all tasks must be completed on time.