Water heaters are a really important home appliance that is quite common in the current times. Their requirements become all the more apparent during the autumn and winter months of the year and for places where winters are prolonged through the year, water heaters become really necessary. Their proper functionality not just confirms the convenience of the occupants of the house but also takes care of the health of the young and the aged.

Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair

However, just like all other appliances and machines your water heater could be in a need of a repair or worse still a complete replacement. Determining the signs of whether to replace or do a water heater repair is often quite difficult to make. This is why people do not understand until their appliance is completely stuck and has stopped working at all. Now, this issue can be avoided if you keep your eyes open to certain signs and indications. Let us take a look at these signs and indications that will point out for the requirement of a water heater repair at your place.

Lukewarm water – This is the very sign that you must be wary of. If you feel that your heater is taking a long time to heat water than what it used to take, then it is a sign enough that there is a requirement of a water heater repair. Always be careful to check the water temperature after a while of starting your water heater. You can also keep a check on the lights of the heater. If you see that the green light is on for a longer duration, then that could be an indication of the fact that the heater is taking longer to heat water than it should.

Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair

Rumbling Noise – If there is a rumbling noise soon after you turn on the device then it can be a sure indication of a need for water heater repair. This noise could be a loud one or as in most cases, it could be low rumbling noise. There can also be a faint hissing tone. It is very easy to miss this sound or take it just like any other noise of the machine. However, if you pay attention you will understand that it is not regular.

Leak in The Tank – If you see that water is trickling down the body of the tank then it is a sign that there could be a leakage in the water tank and there is an urgent requirement of water heater repair. If this problem persists you will not get hot water and the entire water will trickle down the body of the tank. This will mean that there will be a greater consumption of electricity and also increased pressure will be put on the machine.

Pressure valve Fault – This is a problem that does not often occur, but it can pose serious problems to the machine and also the people who are making use of the device.

Cloudy Water – If you are receiving cloudy water from the heater then it could be a sure sign of water heater repair requirement. This could mean that there is some leakage in some part of the internal systems of the machine. This means that the water is getting contaminated somewhere somehow inside the heater.

Try to be observant of unusual signs and when you take your water heater for a repair take it to a certified place so that authentic work is done on the machine. This is how you can be sure of getting original spare parts as well.