If you do not know what a shower screen is, then your life is about to change. These screens are used to help your bathroom stay safe from the floods (of water) and this is a usual problem of using a shower and bath combo. Now, you may be thinking, isn’t that what a shower curtain is used for? Well, it is, but once you learn more about screens for your shower, you will realize that they are undoubtedly a better option.

First of all, these screens not only look much chicer, but they are easier to clean than a plastic curtain that you install in your bathroom. These screens are usually attached to the wall with a hinge mechanism and are quite sturdy. The shower screen is made up of glass, or extremely high-quality plastic, depending on your budget. The glass or plastic can be of varying thickness, and you can choose from a one-panel screen or multiple panels.

Why Types Of Shower Screens Can You Choose From?

shower screens

shower screens

  • Single Pane: These are the most popular chosen since they are usually made up of a single piece of glass, and can come with or without a frame, depending on how minimalistic you want it to be. These do not have a lot of nooks and cranes, and hence it is a fuss-free option, and it is easy to clean since there is not a lot of a place for residue to build up.
  • Double Pane: These types of screens have a hinge in the center of the screen, and hence, they can be opened in different ways. They are an excellent option for you if you have a long bath, or if you want to protect your bathroom for the shower splat.
  • Foldable Screen: If you have a smaller bathroom, and do not want an obstruction, then this is the best option for you. This type of screen folds into a narrow shape when not in use, and hence you can even get easier access to your bath.

What Should You Know Before You Choose Your Shower Screen?

If you are in the market to buy a shower screen, then you must consider your options carefully, and firstly you need to assess what you want from your screen.

shower screens

shower screens

  • A popular choice is a screen with sliding doors or panels. This is a better option for those who have a smaller bathroom as it does not require a lot of space while opening the door. Additionally, they can also quickly adapt to a shower of any shape or size.
  • Glass doors which are attached all the way from the ceiling to the floor are recommended for modern bathrooms. Since they are usually made of tempered glass, they can provide you with extra safety and being attached all the way, prevents it from any damage.
  • Finally, the most critical deciding factor for which type of screen you should pick for your bathroom is the type of glass that is used. When selecting a screen for your shower, you should opt for one that is the easiest to clean. After all, you will not want to spend hours cleaning your screen, and since they are a pretty big feature of the bathroom, keeping it clean and shiny is important.


Shower screens are undoubtedly a better option when it comes to choosing a structure that will help your bathroom stay safe for shower splats and it also keeps the washroom clean and dry. However, make sure that you consider all of your options before you decide on one.

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